Hiring Process

Below applicants will find the steps they will need to take to be able to join the FireKeepers family. Please note that at any point throughout the process should questions arise we encourage our applicants to contact the HR Employment Office at 269-660-5740 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. We look forward to having YOU join our winning team!


Navigate through our Applicant Tracking System (www.firekeeperscasino.com/careers)

Applicants can browse through all available jobs, or use the search tool to look for a specific job. Jobs can be saved for later if they do not have time to complete the process.

Confirm the minimum qualifications are met and that the position is a good fit for the applicant.


After an applicant completes an online application, a recruiter will contact the applicant within 24 – 48 hours. If the applicant has any questions, they are encouraged to contact the HR Employment office at 269-660-5740.


The manager of the department will perform the interview or a department supervisor will meet with the applicant and ask a series of interview questions related to the open position.

What to expect:

  • The department interview will last around a half hour.
  • The applicant will need a valid form of I.D.
  • The applicant will need something that highlights their ability, such as a resume.


If the applicant is not extended an offer of employment, the applicant will receive an email notice.

If the applicant is extended an offer of employment, the applicant will receive up to three (3) emails one containing a job offer, one with New Hire forms, and one with a Gaming Commission Application.

The applicant should come to property within 72 hours equipped with the following items:

  • Valid I.D
  • Bank information- we do NOT issue paper checks.
  • Completed Gaming Application



The Gaming Commission is a separate entity that determines suitability of potential team members based on character, finances, criminal history and risk to current Team Members and the company.

All gaming interviews are handled on an individual basis.

What you will need for the gaming interview:

  • Two Forms of valid I.D. required, along with CPL and DD214 (if applies).
  • Documents of criminal cases regardless of age (juvenile/adult) or outcome.
  • The applicant will need to provide ten years of work history and proof of residency.

Only after an applicant is granted a gaming license, we recommend the applicant to provide a two-week notice at their current place of employment.


Why does the Gaming Commission ask for so much information when you apply for a Gaming License?

Think of it this way: just like banks need to know their employees can be trusted with money, the Gaming Commission needs to ensure everyone at FireKeepers Casino and Hotel is top-notch! The details you share help us get to know you better and ensure you’re the perfect fit. It’s all about creating a safe and secure environment for everyone.

I’m worried my credit score might affect my chances. Should I be?

Not at all! We’re not interested in your credit score. We understand everyone goes through tough times. If finances look tight, we might ask for a bit more info just to understand your situation better. Remember, every application is unique, and our goal is to find the best place for you here, ensuring a positive environment for everyone.

What if I’m hesitant to provide certain information?

Providing all the requested details is crucial, but we want you to know it’s in safe hands. Skipping information can delay the process, but honesty is your best policy here. It’s all straightforward – we’re here to help guide you through every step!

Can I still get a Gaming License if I have a felony conviction?

Absolutely! Everyone deserves a second chance. We carefully consider the context of each application, looking at the time passed and the nature of the conviction. Sometimes, we may need a bit more info, but it’s all part of ensuring fairness and safety for everyone.

Is a misdemeanor conviction a deal-breaker for getting a Gaming License?

Not at all! We handle each application with care and consideration, focusing on how we can support your journey forward. Just like with other cases, a bit of extra information might be needed, but it’s all part of the process.

What if my application was denied before; can I reapply?

Definitely! We encourage you to reapply one year after a denial. Everyone grows and changes, and we’d love to see how you’ve evolved.

If my application was denied, is there a way to appeal?

Yes, indeed! You have 7 days from the denial date to request a review. It’s your opportunity to share more about your story, and we’re here to listen. Every review is a chance to shine a new light on your application.

Where can I find more information about the Gaming License process?

Please visit our website to read our latest regulations, https://nhbp-nsn.gov/gaming-commission/ or visit https://ecode360.com/29878619 to review the NHBP’s Gaming Regulatory Act.


Two-day on-site orientation. New Hire Orientations take place each week from Wednesday – Thursday and is from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day. Business professional attire is required.



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