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Four Diamonds

Team Member Successes

Below see what team members at FireKeepers Casino Hotel have to say about their careers and the type of work culture you can expect by being a part of the Firekeeprs family.


Brandon Coco started at FireKeepers in August 2010 as a Bartender. Less than a year later, he was promoted in to Beverage Supervisor. In October 2012, he was promoted to Beverage Manager. Coco was promoted to Food and Beverage Manager in 2015 and about a year later transferred to his new position as the Taphouse & Beverage Manager.

“At FireKeepers Casino Hotel I have had the chance to attend multiple training sessions on property including the LEAD and Track programs put on by our internal training team. I have also been encouraged to attend multiple off property trainings including conferences and position specific trainings. What has set FireKeepers Casino apart from all other businesses I have been a part of is the ability to utilize upper management for support. From the simplest question to the biggest, everyone from my direct manager to the CEO is here to help mentor and help everyone achieve success.” - Brandon Coco

From the top down

"I have worked for many corporations over the years and I have found that the culture of a business starts from the top down. FireKeepers Casino is the company everyone is looking to work for. We have a fun,friendly and passionate culture that breeds success and creates a comfortable working environment. This culture has been created by our Tribal Council. If our Tribal Council was not as warm, friendly, generous as they are, FireKeepers Casino would never be where it is today. They are real people that treat the people around them with incredible kindness and respect. I firmly believe that their behavior and gratitude to the Executive Team of FireKeepers Casino directly influences the way the Executive Team approaches their directors and senior managers. In turn, the culture is passed down to every Team Member and ultimately to our guests. Guests tell me we are the friendliest casino staff around, I say it starts from the top down." - Chef Jon Williams

A special place

"My name is Antwaun Williams and I am a Day-One Team Member here at FireKeepers Casino Hotel. During the early morning hours of February 2, 2016 my apartment complex caught on fire. Almost every apartment in that complex, including mine, was deemed an entire loss. I happened to be out of work at the time due to a pretty extensive surgery. As you can imagine, the fire added even more stress to my life at a time in which I didn’t know if I could handle it all. During the afternoon hours of February 3rd I received a call from our President & CEO. He first wanted to see how my surgery went and then we briefly talked about the fire. Mr. Decorah let me know that there was a check with my name on it from the employee relief fund to help me with replacing all of my belongings. I was completely taken back. I have worked for many companies in my life but I have never received a personal call from my President/C.E.O. in regards to my well-being. I have also never worked for a company that cares so much about their employees and the community in which they are located. The NHBP tribe and Executive Team continue to prove through their actions that the employees and community really matter to them. In addition to offering competitive wages to their employees, the Tribal Council also gives us two very significant bonuses each year which further shows the appreciation that they have for us. The employees here are also very special. On top of the employee relief fund I also received many other donations from various employees to help me through a very difficult time. I am so proud to work with such a wonderful group of people and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else." - Antwaun Williams