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BRIDE’S BLOG: Location, location, location!

There’s a lot at stake when selecting a venue for a wedding. It’s a big deal. It sets the tone. It’s the “meat” in the wedding sandwich, if you will. It is one of the most important decisions a couple makes when planning a wedding.

So, why did Brian and Angela choose to have their wedding at FireKeepers? Here’s why:

“We have to give credit to Brian's mom for first suggesting we look at FireKeepers while we were visiting over the Christmas holiday.  Admittedly, we were skeptical. We always had a fun time while visiting FireKeepers, despite little luck with the slots (I'm side-eyeing you, Kitty Glitter!)  But our wedding?  At a casino?  Yes, we were skeptical...for a minute or so (the time that it took to pull up FireKeepers’ wedding packages on their website).  We were honestly shocked at how reasonable the pricing was and all that was included in the packages (especially compared with Chicago venues which offer much less at a much higher price).  We were definitely intrigued.  After the holidays, we made a plan to visit several venues over one long three-day weekend.  We narrowed our choices to those that seemed to meet our criteria (affordable, modern, hotel accommodations on-site, within reasonable driving distance for guests, and located in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Michigan).  Just as we knew instantly upon touring venues that it would NOT work, we also knew after touring and meeting with Tara and Ciara that FireKeepers was our perfect wedding venue!  The hotel rooms are gorgeous, the banquet rooms nice and new, and the casino will be perfect for the wedding after-party (mini-Vegas, anyone?).  Unlike some of the other places we visited, Tara and Ciara seemed genuinely interested in getting to know us and were so enthusiastic about hosting our wedding.  They listened to all of our wacky ideas and offered great advice on how we could make our day unique and special, without blowing our budget.  We are beyond excited to work with the FireKeepers team over the next several months to bring our wedding plans to life and host an epic celebration for our family and friends.”

Read more about FireKeepers offerings by visiting http://www.firekeeperscasino.com/meet.

From Bride, Angela. Part of the Bride's Blog wedding series.