Time to get your Vegas on.

Four Diamonds

Get ready to celebrate, we’re planning a wedding!

We’ll be following bride, Angela and groom, Brian, along with our Catering Sales and Event Planning team through every step of the planning process (well, almost every step, some things should remain a surprise, for obvious reasons). Keep an eye on our social media pages each week (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) to follow along, and to help us make some very important decisions. That’s right! Throughout the process we will be asking for your input to help make Angela & Brian’s day magical.



Meet Angela & Brian:

“For years I had been resisting the request from my parents and sister to try online dating,” said Brian, a business analyst in Chicago.  “My sister and her husband finally staged an intervention, of sorts, and nudged me into creating a profile.  Soon akcharms54 liked a photo of mine.”

“His handle was ThePugWhisperer and his profile was clever and funny, not the typical stuff.  No bathroom or car selfies, either,” said Angela, a Chicago attorney.  “I made the first move and liked his photo.  We emailed, texted and talked a bit before we met in person.  We seemed to have so much in common:  comedy, music and zombies!  I warned him that I talked a lot and that some men couldn’t keep up!”

Brian recalls, “Our first date was at a Mexican restaurant, on a rainy Sunday afternoon in April.  We spent six hours talking and laughing and generally being the only customers. We’ve been talking and laughing ever since.  I proposed to her in November of 2015 at Niagara Falls, about a year and a half after our first date.  She was speechless.  She could only nod.  I asked her ‘so, is that a ‘yes?’  She made a noise that sounded like a ‘yes’, which was good enough for me.” 

Angela was so surprised, “Niagara Falls was a place that I had wanted to see since I was a kid.  When Brian got down on his knee, out on the cold observation deck, amidst dozens of tourists, I was speechless (which never happens)!  Little did I know then that Brian’s grandfather had proposed to his grandmother on that same spot over 60 years earlier.  Brian handed me a tiny joystick candy box with the ring inside and asked me to be his ‘player two’ for life,” a tribute to their mutual love of classic video games.  “I managed a ‘squeak’ and a nod and… we were official!”

Looking ahead, Brian says, “That was four months ago.  Ten more to go before we say ‘I do’; which will probably be the shortest, but sweetest, sentence that we will have ever said to each other.”

FireKeepers Catering and Sales Manager, Tara, describes them as a one-of-a-kind couple. “When I met them for a tour of the Hotel and Event Center in the end of January, I was entertained by their casual banter.  It was obvious that he was the romantic and she (while rolling her eyes) loves him for it. She is the practical one. They asked a million questions and had equally as many ideas.  They were very excited and we connected immediately. They are a hard-working, hard-playing couple who enjoy sarcasm and laughing.  We are really looking forward to the next year!”

Brian and Angela currently live and work in Chicago, IL, with their cats Jasmine and Starbuck.