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BRIDE’S BLOG: Cake vs. Cupcakes

I love cake.  Not the typical “oh sure, everyone loves cake” kind of love. No. I’m talking about that next-level, epic kinda love:  rose + jack, Christmas morning, fireworks, your name tattooed on my “___” kind of love. I knew choosing between cake or cupcakes would be tough. On one hand, the grand wedding cake is so beautiful and iconic. Plus, there is the fun of cutting the cake together and saving a layer for your one-year anniversary. On the other hand, cupcakes are so much fun and you can offer guests more than one flavor.  And, in my humble opinion, each cupcake has the perfect amount of frosting-to-cake ratio (frosting in every bite). Thankfully, we don’t have to choose and can have both! Love always wins. 

From Bride, Angela. Part of the Bride's Blog wedding series.