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Bride’s Blog: Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have always been somewhat puzzling to me.  Part thoughtful gesture and thank-you from the happy couple for attending their wedding, and part “Christmas fruitcake” that you graciously accept from your favorite aunt (even though you don’t enjoy fruitcake) and let sit on your counter until after the holidays (when you feel somewhat less guilty about tossing it out).  As our big day approaches, my practical nature has me wondering:  do guests really want a souvenir from our wedding?

Google says the tradition of wedding favors, in large part, was intended to bestow the “good luck” associated with a wedding onto all guests.  At some point in time, almonds became the preferred wedding favor and each guest received five almonds, representing fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.   I’m not sure how this tradition evolved to beer koozies, bubbles, and paperweights - but the sentiment is lovely.

For now, we remain undecided.  We know there are alternatives to providing traditional favors such as donating funds to a favorite charity or simply re-investing funds into another aspect of our wedding.   No matter what we decide, we will find some way to keep the traditional sentiment intact so that our guests know they are loved and appreciated.  

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