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Bride’s Blog: Update

Bride says:

I remember feeling so stress-free and easy going about planning up until the late summer. We got a good jump on things by booking our photographer & DJ right away. I got lucky and found my dress almost immediately too (and on sale.  Yay!) The Catering Sales team at FireKeepers has been so awesome in helping us turn ideas into reality and keeping everything on track.   But then late summer comes and it’s been checklist after checklist and non-stop to-do’s. The bridezilla struggle is real! Every time we accomplish something on our list, it gets replaced with 2 more tasks. Just like life, stuff you think will be easy (i.e., picking invitations or finding a florist) ends up being challenging, and vice versa (Brian quickly created a cool wedding / registry website, and our wedding dance lessons are actually fun).  Also, some ideas and “must haves” have changed over the past year.  Luckily, we’ve managed to stay open and flexible to changes as they come.  I’m confident our wedding day will be romantic and wonderful, and whatever doesn’t go as planned will be ok too.  I cannot wait to marry Brian and celebrate with everyone we love.      

Groom says:

It was a year ago over the holidays when Angie and my mother were sitting on the couch together researching wedding venues when Firekeeper’s first appeared on our radar.  Less than a month later we met with Tara and Ciara and – boom! magic! Our wedding was on its way to becoming a reality. There were so many decisions to be made, but our big day was so far away at that point. No worries, we got this!  As the months passed, time began to fly by much more rapidly.   Decisions and tasks started to come at us fast and furiously.  This wedding became a part of our everyday life.  Some days I remind myself that, after all, it was MY IDEA to have a big wedding (Angie wanted to keep it simple). And what’s a good wedding decision or task without a dash of “friendly debate” or a hefty helping of “mutual compromise”?  I often wondered to myself if the actual planning and preparation of a wedding was some kind of Darwinist trial by ordeal to ensure only the strongest of relationships actually achieved wedded bliss. 

Only a few to-do’s remain before the big day (I think?!), and soon Angie and I will be enjoying the fruits of our labor with our family and friends.   And by “our labor”, as well as “our friends”, I mean to include Tara and Ciara, and the rest of the FireKeepers staff who have been so amazing to work with and have made this endeavor as fun and stress-free as possible.  Everyone at FireKeepers has invested a considerable amount of time, thought, and elbow grease in this process.  We feel so lucky – thank you!

From Bride, Angela and Groom, Brian. Part of the Bride's Blog wedding series.