Time to get your Vegas on.

Four Diamonds


What ARE the cool, hip kids doing these days?  are words you are unlikely to hear either of us say.  Unless of course, in jest, followed by a quick smile and an eyeroll.  We are both settled into our mutual silliness and potential un-cooldom (always a chance someone perceives us as cool, though).  You can’t be too sensitive about current trends when you are a hardcore pro-wrestling fan or an 80’s loving nerdess. That said, we both approached our wedding with an open mind to the creative possibilities available.

For example, when we met with the Catering Sales and Event Planning Team at FireKeepers and requested circular-seating for our ceremony we had no idea that it is one of the hottest trends on Pinterest for 2016.  We wanted a more intimate feel for our ceremony, less staged, and (literally) surrounded by family and friends.  “Locally sourced foods” are another hot trend in weddings.  We are not overly concerned with that aspect of the food (only that it be delicious – and we are confident it will be), but we did ask that the wines and beers served at our wedding come from Michigan because we know there are so many great wineries/breweries to choose from.  Another trend I recently read about is the “unplugged” wedding experience, whereby guests are asked to enjoy the party in the moment, rather than be focused on taking vids or pics.  Sounds lovely in theory.  In reality, I think it would be more fun to have your friends send you candid snaps and vids they captured of your event that you may otherwise miss out on. 

Karaoke at the reception.  YES!  Donuts instead of cake?  Absolutely not.  Open seating for dinner?  No thanks – nobody needs extra drama! No matter what idea we’ve come up with, trendy or not, the team at FireKeepers have been the best creative partners/planners we ever could have hoped for.  They have gone above and beyond to help us plan an event that is personalized (down to the smallest detail), elegant, and yet affordable.  What could be trendier than that?

From Bride, Angela. Part of the Bride's Blog wedding series.