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BRIDE’S BLOG: Traditons

Planning a wedding is a deeply personal experience for every couple. A wedding should speak of a relationship's uniqueness and each person's unique personality.

Many couples feel they have to follow tradition, simply because that is how it has always been done, even though they may not know the origin(s). Traditions have simply endured. However, the celebration of joining two lives in the 21st century bears little resemblance to those of decades before. With the help of Pinterest, couples are creating new traditions and finding ways to incorporate various ideas that make each wedding (and couple) unique. But these changes are not met without objection, for Brian and Angela one tradition in particular may prove difficult to adjust.

BRIAN SAYS:  I'm a non-traditional guy from a small family. I have been to less than 10 weddings in my life, and most weddings I have seen on TV or in movies don't always end well (i.e., Godfather, Game of Thrones). That being said, I don't possess a wealth of knowledge regarding wedding traditions. However, I do believe very strongly in the magic and excitement of a SURPRISE, which is why the groom should not see the bride the night before the wedding ceremony or the morning of the ceremony until she is in her wedding dress and fully made-up.

ANGELA SAYS:  Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of surprises - especially on your wedding day when everything has been planned so carefully.  To be clear, something like, “Surprise!  Please enjoy this cupcake / bag o’ money / fluffy kitten," would be awesome and most welcome anytime! But avoiding the one person who loves and supports you best, whose company you enjoy and share on a daily basis, at a time when you need them the most?  I think it is silly and impractical to not spend our pre-wedding night together and avoid each other until the ceremony…..just because tradition says so.  I know Brian and I respectfully disagree on this point (and not sure how we will ultimately handle this when the big day comes).  Brian has already watched me do my hair, apply makeup, and get dressed a million times before – so what is the big deal?   For me, the surprise factor is not worth missing out on our pre-wedding time -  where we could be sharing and enjoying (or just freaking out!) our final moments as singles - TOGETHER. 

BRIAN SAYS:  Some traditions make more sense to me than others, and I think this tradition adds to the magic of the day and the event.  I would explain it like this:  A finished work of art involves several phases of a creative process. Most people don’t get to see, or are interested in, any particular phase of that creative process - only the finished work.  Angie asked for my opinion on what kind of dress I liked, hairstyle, etc., but I have been careful not to get too involved in her creative process because I feel like a bride is a work of art on her wedding day. Sure, it will be weird not seeing each other the night before. But to see her for the first time as a bride, in the dress that I’ve wondered about for the past several months... her reaction when she sees me seeing her... her dimples when she smiles... the surprise of all that is worth waiting for.

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From Bride, Angela. Part of the Bride's Blog wedding series.