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Bride’s Blog: Money or Gifts?

This topic has come up a lot during our wedding planning.  Early on we both discussed what type of gifts we might register for and each time we inevitably came to the same conclusion:  we already have all the household items we need (ok, ok…except for the monster-sized TV Brian insists we need for football season!  LOL) and no extra storage space to keep stuff we are not using.  So we agreed that it just didn’t make sense for us to create a typical registry for kitchen stuff, tools, and towels. 

So then what options did we have to offer our guests?  Cautiously, we decided to investigate the potentially divisive and scandalous “other option” for gifting:  Money.  We were already aware of “crowd funding” websites like gofundme and honeyfund, where people can contribute (anonymously or not) toward a certain monetary goal. However, we don’t know anyone personally who has utilized this option.  We polled family and friends to gauge their thoughts and ended up with mixed results.  Most kept their input neutral and suggested we might set up a honeymoon fund.  But others were adamantly opposed to the idea, and felt asking for monetary donations as the preferred wedding gift is “tacky” and an absolute etiquette “DON’T.” 

Luckily, a few weeks ago a wonderful solution came our way in the mail.  A flyer for a new gift registry site, that lets couples create a combo registry that includes gifts from any online retailer AND crowd funding options, too.  We feel this is an appropriate compromise, giving guests the flexibility to either contribute toward an aspirational funding goal (like an exotic honeymoon or that fantasy TV) or purchase a gift. With this site, we are not limited to just one or two retailers for our entire registry, so we can get creative with the gift ideas (like artwork, a new mattress, a bookcaseCATNIP *&^@....


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