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Bride’s Blog: Centerpieces

Brian has a few thoughts on centerpieces. “I feel like the main purpose of centerpieces is to create a uniform look or communicate the wedding theme when someone is looking across the reception space from a distance.  However, sometimes centerpieces can feature personal, intricate details that can only be seen from the close proximity of the seated guests and do not interfere with the larger uniform look (i.e., little notes, inscriptions, stories, photographs, keepsakes, artifacts, etc.).”  I completely agree. Centerpieces provide that WOW factor (and are often discussed and/or debated long after by guests), but can also be used as a way to communicate meaningful stories or details about the couple to the guests that otherwise may be lost in the frenzy of the wedding event (such as, how we met, or favorite moments together). 

Since each centerpiece will be in our guests’ faces all night, I don’t want them to be too wide or huge so that guests can’t see past them or be able to interact with other guests at the table. If they are too small or low, they look underwhelming, and may not look great in photos of the room shot from a distance. From television shows I have watched… I mean… research I have done, it seems like popular centerpieces involve: flower arrangements; trees with jewels or butterflies or birds affixed to them or hanging from them; or glass vases or jars filled with smooth, rounded stones or marbles. Upon further investigation, I found more unique centerpieces like tall, tubular vases filled with water and a candle floating in them – several vases at different heights create quite a stunning look. The softness and warmth of candlelight would be perfect for a wedding reception table – unless the rest of the space is too dark and you can’t see what you’re eating!  It’s definitely a fine line.  Uplighting can also make a centerpiece pop, especially if there is a lot of “bling” on it (that word needs to be retired from wedding, or wedding dress, TV shows).

I wonder what people out there on the interwebs reading this blog prefer? Candlelight, uplighting, neon lights, flowers, ice sculptures, Lincoln Logs, fish bowls full of sea monkeys, ant farms, a pile of geodes, what? (I’m exhausted just thinking of all the options).

From Bride, Angela and Groom, Brian. Part of the Bride's Blog wedding series.

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