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BRIDE’S BLOG: Cake Tasting

We’ve been very busy over the past few months finalizing all sorts of wedding details:  the dress, wedding vendors, making guest lists, even planning our respective bachelor and bachelorette parties.  Now that the bulk of the research and planning is done, I feel like we can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on less stressful stuff like enjoying the dog days of summer, and…CAKE TASTING!

The team at FireKeepers wowed us again with a fantastic spread of yummy cupcakes and cookies for our recent tasting.  We invited Brian’s mom, Linda, to join us as well.  As we tasted, giggled, and critiqued, Tara was paying close attention to our reactions, asking questions and taking notes.  We don’t want to give away all the flavors we chose, but a few stand-outs were the Mexican wedding cookies (Linda’s specialty during the holidays), dulce de leche (Brian’s pick) and espresso chocolate (my pick).  The frosting was, as the kids say, Lit!  The biggest surprise (and unanimous favorite) was the “pink champagne” cupcake with a raspberry filling.  It was elegant, and simply perfect.  Delicate, mildly sweet cake, with a bright raspberry filling, and smooth, rich buttercream frosting.  And yes, the pastry chef actually puts champagne in the batter.

All hail the Pastry Chefs for showcasing their amazing sweet treats!  Despite coming down from our sugary high somewhere near the Illinois border, we were excited to know that, thanks to the FireKeepers team, our wedding cake and dessert bar will be amazing.  Everyone please save room for dessert!

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