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BRIDE’S Blog: Band or DJ

The decision to hire a band or a DJ for our wedding was one of the easier ones for us because it was primarily influenced by cost.  We absolutely love live music, but the cost of a band (including transportation and other expenses) was simply beyond the entertainment portion of our budget.  A DJ was the obvious, budget friendly choice for us.   

Picking a DJ can be tricky though.   We’ve all been to that wedding where the DJ was magic and kept everyone entertained /dancing the entire evening.  And similarly I think we’ve all experienced how the wrong choice for DJ can ruin an otherwise fun event. Online reviews and word of mouth can also be helpful, but some of the DJ’s we heard about didn’t have much online presence, and vice-versa. 

The FireKeepers Event Team helped us narrow things down by providing us a list of local, preferred entertainment vendors.   The vendor took the time to ask us questions about our personalities, what we liked/disliked about DJ’s generally, and what we envisioned for our “wedding vibe.”  We want an all-ages, inclusive dance party:  high-energy but not obscene or too clubby.   My favorite receptions are where you repeatedly find yourself saying, “OMG-I LOVE that song!” and rush to dance even though (1) the sweets table is calling to you; and (2) your feet already kinda hurt from dancing so much.  A great DJ can read the crowd and keep people motivated!  We are also offering a “karaoke-hour” during the reception since we both enjoy singing (and have many friends that do too).   We chose a DJ with more of an “interactive” style, and also great reviews.  We can’t wait to dance and sing the night away with our family and friends!  

From Bride, Angela. Part of the Bride's Blog wedding series.