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BRIDE’S BLOG: A wedding in a winter wonderland

Selecting a wedding theme is another very important decision a couple has to make. Choosing a theme and colors allow the couple to fill their big day with personality and flair, it also makes the event design easier and ensures consistency throughout all of the details. A wedding theme may be subtle, or complex, but should reflect the couple’s style and personality.

Angela and Brian will be getting married in early 2017, and a Michigan Winter will provide a perfect backdrop for a glamorous wedding. To embrace the season, the couple has decided on a Winter Wonderland theme. Why? Brian says, “Because I want to embrace winter, to reveal and accentuate the beauty of it.  Some family and friends in attendance have never been to a winter wedding.  I want to show them what they have been missing out on!" He goes on to add, "In an event space where a view of the outdoors may not play a prevalent role in the ambience of the ceremony or celebration, we have to bring the outdoors inside; the good elements, anyway!   Tara and Ciara drafted up and outlined some ideas and images that were really amazing.  When the big day arrives they will have perfectly translated the beauty of winter into our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception."

Brian was born in Buffalo, NY and has spent a quarter century living in the Great Lakes region.  Aside from an unspectacular five-year stay in middle Georgia, he has spent the majority of his life in the Snow Belt.  While the couple both consider the people of the Great Lakes region to be the friendliest people in the country, Brian feels that part of what makes the Great Lakes region so great are the four seasons, including winter.

Angela was born in northern Indiana and aside from a four-year stay in southern Florida during college, she has spent the majority of her life in the Chicagoland area.  By contrast, Angela hates the cold, snow, and the dreariness of the winter season.  She looks forward to a day when they can hopefully move to a warmer climate.  She says, "However, wintertime seems to be the only season in the Midwest where your wedding budget goes a little farther, and I am a big fan of that!"

Brian also wanted to plan something big for Angela to celebrate in the winter; to create happy memories and something they could celebrate together in every winter to come.

Brian says, "Spring and summer in Chicago go by so fast, and we are generally very busy throughout.  Starting in September throughout the end of the year is the holiday season, and everyone is insanely busy.  After the holiday season ends, boom! In an instant we go from the highest peak, celebrating with friends and family, to the lowest valley, waiting three, four, often five long months for spring to arrive again.  I want there to be happiness in the winter for Angie, and for this season to just be about us.  It's not very often that you get a chance to give someone you love their own holiday, and on a day of your own choosing."

Ciara, FireKeepers’ Convention Services Manager, i.e. event designer, is not a fan of snow and winter either, “Sometimes it's hard to get creative when you haven't worked with certain colors or themes that much; or if you would rather be creating palm trees and beach scenes! But once I heard Brian's thoughts and ideas, I could totally envision their wedding and thought of a thousand different ways to transform our ballroom into a winter wonderland.”

“Their excitement and willingness to explore more modern, non-traditional, designs and decorations is really refreshing. While traditional wedding receptions are still popular, trends are leaning more towards square and rectangle seating, round ceremonies, food stations instead of buffets and plated meals and so on.  I'm really excited to try some new event designs with Angela and Brian and to start getting creative with them!” 

A Winter Wonderland theme lends itself to many color options; Angela and Brian have chosen blue and silver to highlight winter’s beauty. Now that their theme has been revealed, visit our Pinterest page to see the images that inspired their decision. 

From Bride, Angela. Part of the Bride's Blog wedding series.